Quality innovative, interactive furniture of the future

UFM / NorvaNivel  were contracted initially to refurbish our Library space, converting it to a 21st Century Learning Space, which we now call the iCentre. This involved replacing furniture with more appropriate 21st Century style options; recolouring all the bookshelves with a powder coating process to brighten up the spaces; and some new fixed furniture and assisting the School with the design of the new layout and new  spaces.

Subsequent to this project we had a new Science Centre, which was built in 2012. UFM/ NorvaNivel again worked alongside the school and our architects to produce some innovative 21st century layouts, in furniture options and designs for the spaces.

These Science rooms have now become quite a feature of our school and an object of interest for other schools undertaking similar projects.

During the Christmas holiday period last year UFM / NorvaNivel were again engaged.to plan, design and install the fixed furniture for a refurbishment in our Year 3 rooms. This also had the aim of creating a colourful, interactive and vibrant space replacing the older 1980’s interiors in those rooms.

I commend UFM / NorvaNivel, and in particular Avron Levin, to you as a provider of quality and innovative furniture and fixtures who understands the educational market and the changing needs of schools as they adapt to the demands imposed by the move towards  21st century learning  spaces.

Bruce Neville

Principal, Penrith Christian School

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