UFM / NorvaNivel – Changing the needs of 21st Century learners

I have worked with UFM Solutions / NorvaNivel several times over the past 3 years on a number of projects for the Northern Sydney Institute in my capacity as Manager College and Customer Services at Bradfield Senior College and Campus Manager at Ryde Campus.

These projects have primarily been aimed at increasing learner engagement through the design and fit out of spaces to deal with the changing needs of 21 Century learners.

UFM Solutions / NorvaNivel were able to provide extensive support in these projects by providing detailed advice on current trends, develop concepts based on the needs of the student cohort, engaging staff through presentations and consultation and working closely with our team to finalise spatial design and furniture selection.

After working initially with UFM Solutions / NorvaNivel at Bradfield Senior College in the creation of over 4 innovative learning spaces catering to HSC Students I was impressed with the versatility of UFM / NorvaNivel to provide the same service  to complete projects at Ryde Campus which is an adult learning environment that caters to a much more varied cohort.

All projects that I have worked on with UFM / NorvaNivel were delivered within the specified timelines and within the budget that had been allocated. The support delivered by UFM / Norvanivel from the concept stage to the final install and beyond has allowed these projects to be successful and achieve the outcomes of creating collaborative learning spaces that positively engage learners.

Sarah Johnson

R/Director Campus Services, The Northern Sydney Institute – TAFE NSW

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