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What Do we Do ?

Norvanivel passionately designs furniture and spaces for contemporary learning and working environments. Our aim is simply to facilitate and enhance contemporary learning spaces and environments that encompass a learner focused approach to education and life. Our furniture and environments are creative, innovative and functional. We strive always to encompass the key principles of collaboration, critical thinking and creative thought and our aim is to facilitate this with innovative design and function. Encompassing these basic principles our products are brought from conception to design…… to life….

Why Do We Do This ?

We believe in the power of creativity to improve the world for ourselves and our children. Our reason for being is quite simply to develop environments that promote creative thought and action. We do this by designing and crafting thoughtful and functional furnishings that inspire us. Tactile objects that promote play, encourage lateral thought and most importantly spark the imagination. We are all learners on this journey, When learners are inspired our goals are achieved and the incredible journey continues….

Enviroments For Creativity

Our approach to classroom and learning space design is simply this Consultation and collaboration WITH YOU to ensure a unique outcome for every space.

The outcome we strive for is to stimulate and facilitate the learning to be one that encourages creativity in our learners. The learning space like the journey becomes one of continual exploration.The environment and furniture being critical to the learner’s perception and pursuit of productivity.

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A Time To Play

Play is the most basic learning process It starts at infancy and all to often ends in adulthood. Whether you are 3 or 33 it’s never to late to reap the rewards of play. Being a somewhat playful bunch ourselves we are well aware of the power of play to stimulate creativity and innovation, and bringing a playful quality to environments be they educational institutions or corporate suites it is a challenge we always enjoy.

The Power Of Choice

We aim to create furniture and environments that encourage human behaviours in its most simplistic nature. We feel that the power of choice is important. We understand that if we feel comfortable and secure we can function productively in the world today. Furniture and space should allow for the power of choice and individual needs we do this by creating zones and hubs that stimulate discussion creativity and comfort.

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