Our Core Values

At NorvaNivel we hold our core values close to our heart. They’re what we’re all about. Let us explain why they are so important in shaping who we are as a company…

We're passionate about furniture

We are made up of designers, developers, parents and furniture lovers.

We appreciate everything that is furniture from form to function to sustainability.

We love to create new and interesting designs that excite us and our clients.

We love serving our customers

We think it’s an honor and a joy to serve our amazing customers. We go out of our way to deliver a valued service and develop products that both make you smile and feel comfortable.

It is our pleasure to make our customers look exceedingly good by providing them with our incredible service and expertise in furniture design.

We want to ensure that we are integral in making our clients a success whilst establishing ourselves as the best in the business.

We care about making our products accessible to everyone

We love to create products that people of all ages, sizes and shapes can enjoy and feel comfortable using.

We try and evoke both an emotional connection to our products and environments and ensure that people with varying levels of ability can feel comfortable in our unique and creative spaces, we believe in equality in the use of space and design.

We are a team of creative problem solvers, solution providers and innovators and we want to work with you!

Avron Levin

Avron Levin

Founder,Design Genius and expert in all things furniture

This guys really does put the mmmm in multi talented (don’t ask him to multitask though) with a background in industrial design and years of experience in the furniture market, he just has an incredible eye for quality and function when it comes to developing furniture. He is the driving force behind what makes us tick us a company and is just honest and all round a great guy. Creatively driven, talented, nice and an amazing father no wonder he has developed such an awesome company.

Jolene Levin

Jolene Levin

Founder; Operational guru and Finance chick

Both career and family driven, she strives to strike the balance between growing and developing the business and raising the most important people in her life.. she is truly passionate about making people happy and delivering on their expectations.. she can organise pretty much anything and really can make your life easier from client communication to project organisation she will make sure that all the boxes are ticked!

Our Team

Our team includes our in house designers and production staff and furniture makers that help it all come together.

A big part of our team is our network of incredible distributors who see and understand our vision to create products and environments for contemporary spaces.

Without these people that work with us we would not be the awesome company we are today.

Our aim is to keep on learning, keep on growing and keep on listening so that we can keep on creating amazing spaces.

We think work should be fun and creative

We believe people want to be creative, silly and fun at work, and that’s a really good thing.

We create a working environment that people feel happy, comfortable and expressive.

We want to be approachable and inspirational to all those that work with us both as part of our team as well as our suppliers and clients.

You would be amazed at how productive people can be when they really care about the company and the vision.

We Like Diversity

We embrace different backgrounds, personalities, and skill levels.

We treat everyone as equals with respect and care.

The most creative ideas for product and space come from embracing differences in society.

We relish in the challenge of ensuring people from all walks of life feel an emotional connection to the work that we produce. We ourselves come from different backgrounds and that in itself gives us a unique perspective.


We invest in Design

Craftsmanship, beauty and quality really matter to us. We strive to make all our products beautiful unique and elegant whilst encouraging young and talented people to use us a platform for developing their ideas.

We want all people to be able to express their inner creativity and relish the opportunity to discover the designer in everyone.

We're pro-active

None of us wait around to be asked to fix a problem or implement a new idea. Everyone has the power and authority to use their best judgment in in order to solve a problem and make our customers work easier.

We take personal responsibility for our learning, schedule, productivity and we own our mistakes.

We're a Family

We believe it’s important to have real and meaningful friendships with each other. We’re not just a Team, we’re a family.

We watch each other’s backs, help one another whenever we can and spend time with each other having fun outside of work hours.

A well-rounded life is important

We believe in spending time with our families and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to take a break once in a while.

We all work to create a better life for our most important people and we want to work and play equally as hard with them.

We embrace and encourage change

We’re always adapting, using new technology, trying new methods and implementing fresh ideas. It’s vital to our long term success and we welcome it.

We are the people to come to when you are trying to break the mould, change the pedogogy or are a looking to create a revolution. We love to work with people who have fresh and new ideas and want to be different.

We think it's important to be honest, friendly, open and personal

No matter what we do, we think it’s important to treat others like we want to be treated.

You wont find people who care as much as we do, our business is our baby and honesty and integrity are the foundations by which the business was built.


We believe in the power of creativity to improve the world for ourselves and our children.

Our reason for being is quite simply to develop environments that promote creative thought and action. We do this by designing and crafting thoughtful, functional furnishings that inspire spaces.

Tactile objects that promote play, effect lateral thought and spark the imagination.

When children, students and staff are inspired, our clients’ goals are more efficiently achieved.

Introducing colour and design into the modern classroom is a movement aimed to facilitate the students and educators in introducing ‘Learner Focussed’ education.

Giving our students the power of choice, the ability to learn and study in comfort and developing environments that spark and stimulate creative thought are all part of increasing the flexibility and productivity of our students.

Our aim is to push the boundary and create bespoke furniture solutions that facilitate your pedagogy.

Creating furniture and spaces that are savvy to the modern learning continuum is a challenge that we set ourselves with every new project.

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