A new build fulfilling ‘the vision for public education’.


A new build fulfilling ‘the vision for public education’.


With an innovative new build, Harbord Public School created a flexible learning space to support its contemporary educational practice. Eighteen new classrooms, breakout spaces, and a library were all designed in the new build with openness and flexibility in mind. Teachers are now able to use NorvaNivel’s furniture, which is inherently flexible and designed specifically for contemporary learning environments, to support specific teaching styles. Further, the lightweight and durable design of our furniture empowers students to make the space their own. Students are engaged and school staff love their new learning spaces.


Since opening, the school has attracted huge amounts of attention for its innovative new design and the way the design supports a contemporary educational practice. Within the new classrooms, many of the teachers have embraced the furniture and used it to support new approaches, including tandem teaching and student-centred learning. Key results include providing increased flexibility to the students, enhancing collaboration, and fostering independence in the students. “They’re choosing where they want to work, they’re choosing the way that they use the furniture. I think that alone helps them be more independent.”


NorvaNivel provided the furniture for the new classrooms, break out spaces, and new library at Harbord almost exclusively.

As designers, manufacturers, and suppliers solely of educational furniture, specifically designed for contemporary learning environments, our furniture was perfectly suited to help the school achieve its objectives and to meet the needs of the students and educators.

We provided a range of seating and surfaces that allow students to personalise their learning experience. From INCUPOD™ Reading Nooks to a variety of unique, flexible seating options, students have ownership over their space, comfort and education experience.

Some of the key pieces selected for the classrooms, breakout spaces and library include: GENGA® Collection, ROCKER OTT® Seating, GRASSYOTT™ Ottomans, CRASHPOD™ Cushions, CONCLAVE® Booth Seats, and the INCUPOD™.

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“You’re encouraged to wander around and move things and find a place that’s comfortable to work at.”

Mr Paul Kelly, Assistant Principal.