Our world is bound only by the perimeters of our imagination.What if furniture could embrace our overwhelming desire for freedom of thought, our right to be individual, our need for creativity.

Imagine spaces that from the early stages of our education through to our working environments are bound only by their ability to encourage productivity and progress through colour; texture and design.

Crafted products that can be used in as many ways as the imagination will allow.

Furniture that challenges and changes the way in which we learn; socialise and play.

Our commitment to imaginative solutions is complemented by our adherence to a continued pursuit to
achieve the highest quality of craftsmanship.

This our world…
Each day,
Each product,
Each project.

Some Inspiring Projects

We have had the privilege to work in collaboration with schools and colleges that are at the forefront of change.

Above is a collection of only a few of our inspiring projects …..

To view some more please visit our Gallery

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